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EQUIPT Introduces New Edge 225 Sealcoating Machine


EQUIPT proudly introduces the new EDGE 225 sealcoating machine.  This machine was designed as a low cost but REAL sealcoating machine. There are two key features that make a sealcoating machine a sealcoating machine: 1) A tank with a paddle mixer; 2) A pump capable of pumping professional grade sealer WITH SAND.  The Edge 225 has both of these features. The Edge 225 includes a 225 gallon hand cranked paddle agitated tank and a 1" Warren Rupp air diaphrapm pump powered by a 5.5 Honda engine driven commercial air compressor. The unit has a compact size that fits great in the back of a pickup but still allows room for a blower, edger and other prep equipment. The machine can be ordered with a hose reel for only $4600 making it the best priced professionaly manufactured sealcoating machine on the market.

The internet is full of sites selling square unagitated totes coupled to a trash pump - Buyer beware!!!!. These type of systems will not pump sand. In fact, in order to get them to pump at all, the sealer must be thinned out with water so much that the quality of the sealer is significantly degraded often resulting in discoloration and poor longevity...and a poor reputation. JUST SAY NO TO TOTES & TRASH PUMPS. The Edge 225 allows you to apply full strength, thick commerical sealcoat WITH Sand with ease! You get what you pay for with the Edge 225 - efficiency, value and happy customers. Be a pro with Edge 225. Give us a call for more infomation at 888-337-8478.