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Emulso Cleaning Products

emulso-logo.jpg Emulso produces several products which make clean up a breeze. Known originally for its "Liquid Sunshine" brand of cleaner/polisher in 1912, the company has developed several products specifically for the pavement industry. Whether you're cleaning your hands, your machine, or your garage, there's a product by Emulso for you. They also make products that help keep areas clean before clean up is necessary.

NUVO Cracksealants

nuvo-logo.jpg Maxwell Products produces the NUVO product, of which CIMLINE is the distributer. NUVO is the first and only hot pour crack sealant with Fully Meltable Packaging. No more cardboard or plastic bags to gather and dispose of, the packaging simply melts into the material. Before melting, it serves as an environmentally friendly, weather protection system but after melting the packaging becomes part of the product's inteliBond Technology™, which allows the product to bond to asphault but not tires.